OrgWatch: Project H Design makes design matter

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On the Colbert Report, Emily Pilloton of Project H Design explains how her organization aims to create genuine social impact through humanitarian design.

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Emily Pilloton
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I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff.  It’s probably my inner-architect, whom I exiled during college, trying to squeeze back in.

The grand irony is that I quit my pursuit of architecture because I felt that there was not enough potential to create genuine impact through design alone.  In retrospect, it seems surprising to me that it went down like that, because I went to a very Modernist school, where “form follows function” was the law of the land.

I’m just glad that so many others have found ways to put their skills to good use.

Posted on January 28th 2010 in Artful Impact, OrgWatch

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  1. Florence Says:

    I want those glasses. do people realize how much glasses cost? you don’t need to be in a developing country not to have affordable eye wear. This could improve the school performance of so many low income children in the U.S.

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