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As part of Think Social Drink Local 2010, I put together this video profiling Steve Hindy, co-founder of the Brooklyn Brewery:

I had to cut out significant portions of the interview to keep the video short, but I wanted to share how he got to launching the brewery. Steve Hindy used to be a journalist. Prior to starting Brooklyn Brewery, he worked for the Associated Press as a correspondent in the Middle East. During that period he spent a lot of time with diplomats in Saudi Arabia, where alcohol is illegal. Many of these resourceful diplomats brewed their own beer and taught Steve Hindy the basics. He cultivated his hobby upon returning to New York and went on to launch the Brooklyn Brewery in 1987. Today, it is among one of the top 40 breweries in the country and Brooklyn Lager is among the top draft brews in NYC.

Posted on March 12th 2010 in OrgWatch

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