OkCupid: Democrats are bad lovers

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OkTrends, the awesome official blog of OkCupid, drops some cool insights on politics and dating.  Definitely check out the entire post; trends on the popular dating website suggest the Dems are inherently doomed.

According to OkCupid’s compatibility scoring, Republicans are much more compatible with themselves than Democrats are with themselves.  Check out the compatibility scoring across the political plane (green = more compatible, red = less compatible):

They make an interesting point about how this compatibility may explain why Republicans are able to maintain a cohesive opposition front while the Democrats are less adept at buidling consensus.  Either that, or they are suggesting Congressional Republicans should be dating.

Also, check out how people’s political persuasions change as they age:

In a way, this may suggest that the best years for finding compatible matches are our 30s and 40s, when we are, on average, more economically permissive and socially restrictive.

Pretty intersting stuff.  Thoughts?

Posted on March 31st 2010 in news

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